Seal population scientists conclude that corkscrew deaths in UK are caused by seals being sucked into ducted boat propellers operating in shallow waters October 2010

'Corkscrew' deaths in UK and Canada:  'Blog' debate  favouring the Greenland shark theory August 2010  Note: the SCS editor of this page has looked at photos and footage of seal deaths on Sable Island and in UK. The Sable Island seal carcases appear to have had much of the blubber and flesh eaten, whereas the few photos of the UK seals we have seen seem to show signs of cuts, but not actual predation, and therefore are more likely to have been caused only by ducted boat propellers, as suggested by scientists at SMRU at St Andrews University. Perhaps it is possible that the seals at Sable Island have been killed by ducted boat propellers, and the carcases then scavenged by Greenland sharks?

Debate over whether 'corkscrew' deaths in UK seals may be caused by ducted boat propellers or by Greenland sharks August 2010

More information on 'corkscrew' deaths August 2010

'Corkscrew' seal deaths in Scotland and England investigation August 2010

Police investigate seal deaths in north Norfolk, England August 2010

Dead seal washed ashore in Norfolk, England, may have been attacked by a Great White shark January 2008

More than 90 seals found dead along Swedish coast in the summer of 2007 August 2007

Deaths of seals with corkscrew pattern injuries at Sable Island, NS, believed to be due to attack by Greenland sharks March 2003