Scottish Government bizarrely plans to protect only half of Scotlands' seals from harassment at haul-out sites June 2011

Circumstantial evidence that irresponsible photographers at Donna Nook may be causing an increased death rate amongst pups nearest to the sea December 2010.   SCS Note: the comment in this article that grey seals at Donna Nook suffered losses from the distemper virus (in 2002) - this is not correct - it was the harbour (common) seal that suffered the heavy losses. However, the article does offer good advice on how to photograph grey seals without causing harm.

Human disturbance on grey seal breeding beach causing mother-pup separation October 2010

Cornwall seal group monitors grey seals using photo ID August 2010

Harbour seals pupping earlier in the Dutch Wadden Sea June 2010

Further debate over causes of decline of harbour seals in Scotland April 2009

Large numbers of people coming to Donna Nook to watch grey seal mothers and pups causing traffic problems December 2009

Monk seal star ambassador female 'Desertinha' from Madeira dies at the age of more than 20 years. She contributed to the Madeiira population significantly by raising 9 pups during her lifetime. January 2009

Harbour seal numbers in Orkney decline by half between 2001 and 2008 December 2008

Satellite telemetry used to learn about the movements of a small group of harbour seals in Chichester harbour, English Channel October 2008

Harbour seal numbers decline by 40% in the five years to 2007 January 2007

Collapse of Steller sea lion population investigated February 2004