Hawaiian fishermen oppose plans to extend the seal conservation zone around the main Hawaiian islands and claim the endangered seals are a nuisance to fishermen. August 2011

The Scottish Government claims that the new system, under the terms of the new Marine Act 2010 , of permitting licensed shooting with quotas is resulting in fewer seals being shot than formerly. July 2011.  The Scottish Government claims that only 80 seals from an annual total quota 1298 seals, were reported to be killed in the first quarter of 2011. The Seal Conservation Society notes that self-reporting of killings by Fish Farmers and fishermen is unreliable, and even if true, the shooting of 80 seals during the winter months is ethically unacceptable. Furthermore, no information is given on which species or sex has been shot.  The Government press statement speaks of 'striking a blanace' between grey seal conservation and fisheries interests - but does not mention the declining conservaton status of harbour seals in Scottish waters.  The Seal Conservation Society's view is that fish farming and salmon netting cannot be considered a sustainable industry if it can only be conducted in the marne coastal environment by shooting seals as a routine procedure. The Scottish Government has pledged to use the measures of the new Marine Act to work with the salmon production and fishing industry to bring shooting levels gradually down to a much lower leel than at present, and has asked NGOs to give the new law and system a chance to show that it can work to the benefit of seals.

A reward of $10,000 offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for shooting six grey seals at Cape Cod, Massachusetts June 2011

NGOs protest about the licensed killing of 1300 seals in Scotland, mainly by salmon farmers and fishermen April 2011.  (The Seal Conservation Society is one of several groups opposed to this licensed killing in the 2010 Marine Act, and the Society has been joining with other groups to engage in constructive dialogue with the Scottish Government Department. Two other websites give detailed information and updates on this ongoing campaign, Seal Scotland and Protect our Seals).

The Scottish Government publishes its new licensing scheme for shooting seals and the shooting quotas granted for 2011. January 2011

A new forum of retailers, welfare organisations and scientists aims to find alternatives to seal killing by salmon farms in Scotland September 2010

Seal deaths in 2008-09 believed to be linked to fisheries in Co. Down, Northern Ireland September 2010

Seal and sea lion deaths caused by salmon farming in British Columbia August 2010

Reward offered for information leading to conviction over seal deaths June 2010

Six common seals, including two pregnant females, found 'shot dead' in Shetland June 2010

Canadian government proposal to kill 220,000 grey seals on Sable Island over 5 years: cost would be $35m May 2010

Five juvenile grey seals killed in Whitley Bay, Yorkshire January 2010

Recently recorded incidents of seal shooting in Scotland September 2009

Seals are being shot in large numbers in Scotland by the salmon farming industry April 2009

Fisherman is convicted of clubbing 21 grey seal pups to death in Shetland March 2009

Member of the Scottish Parliament calls for common seal shooting ban December 2008

Salmon netsman who shot a common seal resting at its haul-out site during the 'close' season goes free December 2006

Illegal shooting of four pregnant grey seals and a juvenile in Orkney September 2006

Grey seal in Scottish salmon river granted a fishing permit April 2003