A new study finds that harbour seal pups rehabilitated in a sanctuary in Washington State, USA, did not behave normally after release. August 2011.   Seal Conservation Society note: these pups were released when they were at least three months old, i.e. about 8–9 weeks after the natural age of weaning in the wild, after some weeks of social isolation and abnormal feeding on dead fish. All these factors could contribute to abnormal behaviour in the wild. See work carried out on rehabilitation methods to minimise these problems by mimicking the pups' natural development and developmental timetable.

A juvenile grey seal visits a beach in Upper Manhattan May 2011.  The juvenile was probably a few months old and just visiting the beach to rest. It was considered healthy, and left alone.

Two rehabilitated monk seal pups released from the Turkish coast April 2011

Monk seal pup iin small colony in Greece taken by researchers for rehabilitation March 2011

Small grey seal with flipper tag strands at Skerries near Dublin April 2010

Seal pup released from sanctuary in Belgium found in garden in Kent December 2009

Number of harbour seal pups in Northern Ireland seal sanctuary higher than usual for September September 2009

St Petersburg Zoo obtains approval for seal pup rehabilitation centre July 2009

Rehabilitated Mediterranean monk seal pup 'Badem' taken into protective custody August 2008

Controversy at St Petersburg Zoo over seal pup rehabilitation May 2008

Rehabilitated albino harbour seal pup returned to sea In Lincolnshire, England February 2007